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This month we set out to find the best legal buds available. By the emails we have been receiving from our readers, there are legal buds out there that are complete CRAP! They are too harsh to smoke, they don't burn well, and there is no benefit, if ya know what I mean!

It is our mission to find the legit ones that smoke well and provide some benefit for their use. We also locate where you can get the best smoke for a fair price. There are some good legal buds out there, you just have to sort through the trash.

So it is our job this month to try these brand NEW selections and determine if any of them are worth the money!

We went through a bunch of crap that was sent in to us from various vendors. After going through a variety of non smoke able, ripoff buds, we discovered a few really good ones. If you stick we these, you can't go wrong. Here's a TIP, because of the high demand, stock up on the good ones because inventories on these will run low quick.


Out of all the samples we tested and tried this month, we found three that we thought were pretty good and worth a consideration for a good legal smoke you can have around for those times...well you know...

Product 1- Hawaiian Gold - AKA "HAZE"

Legal Herbal Buds

We found Hawaiian Gold through a reader who sent in his own review of this wild legal bud. After checking it out online, we ordered up a small amount. When it arrived the buds were very dense and compacted with lots of crystals and the outside of the bud. The smell was great (kinda flowerly and skunkish) and it broke up good for smoking.

We did a smoke test on Hawaiian Gold and it was like a hydro heaven. This stuff will remind you of the best you have ever had and it works in both smoke-ability and effect. It was smooth and we got a sense of well being from this smoke that is rare to find. We reordered more the same day.

This was a great recommendation by one of our readers and one you should check out yourself. Supplies can run low at times on this new smoke, because it's actually grown in Hawaii so you might consider super-sizing your order so you don't run out and then it's in low supply or worse, no supply!

We gave Hawaiian Gold a 9 out of 10 for the bud!

Check Out Hawaiian Gold

Product 2 - BubbleGum Kush

BubbleGum Kush

When we first got this one, we were totally blown away by the buds! They were big and fluffy with lots of buds tight on the stem. It got an A for looks that is for sure.  The smell of Bubble Gum mixed with a floral scent was amazing.

We next fired up the old pipe and broke off a few buds to smoke. It really was not dry enough to smoke yet, so we hung it up to dry. The odor in the room while it was drying was delicious. Like fresh Bubble Gum!

Once dry, we smoked about 3 bowls between six people and we loved the burn and the taste of this exotic bubblegum smoke. It was very relaxing and we enjoyed it very much.

This one will make our list of favorites I'm sure.

We gave BubbleGum Kush a 8 out a 10 for the bud!

It is the most expensive one we reviewed this month but, it lived up to the hype.

Check Out BubbleGum Kush


Product 3 - BlueDream Kush/Hyprid Blueberry

BlueBerry Buds Legal Herbal Buds

Now this was another Hybrid and when we opened the bag, the smell of blueberries filled the room!

The buds were perfect and ready for smoking. We were all fans of blueberry so this was going to be an interesting test.

After smoking only a little bit, we noticed a great taste and it almost knocked our sox off. This is a great triple AAA smoke but, make sure your sitting somewhere for awhile when you smoke it!

We gave BlueDream Kush a 8 out of 10 for their legal bud!

Another one that is under $50 an ounce and can be shipped overnight if needed. Great for parties!

Check Out BlueDream Kush


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